Attempted gun purchase investigated at Park View School in Morton Grove

Police are investigating what appears to be an attempted gun purchase at a Morton Grove school. (WLS)
May 1, 2014 3:43:21 PM PDT
Morton Grove police are investigating what appears to be an attempted gun purchase at Park View School. Police say money was exchanged on Tuesday between students, but there was no weapon.

The incident took place between two middle school students at the K-8 school. The school district acted immediately after another student told an adult.

As Park View School parents picked up their kids on Thursday, many were relieved that a potentially bad situation involving two middle school students and a gun was avoided.

"Obviously, it was quite alarming but I think the school handled it really well, they were on top of it," said Jennifer Shimaski, parent.

"I'm very encouraged to know school handled it the way they did, I think that the superintendent did a great job of jumping on situation," said Darcey Bloom, parent.

Through a lengthy letter, Morton Grove School District 70 informed parents about an incident that took place on school property during school hours. Police say one student tried to sell a gun for $30 to another student, and $20 was handed over with the rest to be paid later.

"There was an exchange of money in the conversation, based on the investigation, neither student was ever in possession of a weapon," said Dr. Phillip Collins, Morton Grove School District 70 Superintendent.

Morton Grove police are investigating whether the seller ever had access to a gun. As for the buyer, the superintendent does not believe he planned on using the gun.

"The individual who was interested in the weapon was not looking for it with any intent to harm anybody here," said Collins.

The school called police as soon as they learned about the situation. An adult emailed the district after a Park View student told that person about the alleged transaction to buy a gun.

"I'm really proud of the child who went home and told a grown up. I'm very pleased with culture here that students feel like they can speak up," said Bloom.

"The kids don't want to be tattling, so they made sure to let the kids know that with something this important, it's not tattling, it's keeping everybody safe," said Shimanski.

The school district is using the incident as a teachable moment. Punishment for the two students involved will be decided after police and school district officials conclude an investigation.

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