Glen Ellyn students caught viewing porn at school

Parents have been notified after students at a Glen Ellyn elementary school looked at online pornography. (WLS)
May 2, 2014 8:30:27 PM PDT
Parents have been notified after students at a suburban elementary school looked at online pornography.

It involves students between the ages of 9 and 11 at Forest Glen Elementary in Glen Ellyn. A parent first brought it to the attention of school officials. Officials acted quickly and determined it was three students involved and they have taken steps to make sure it never happens again.

Administrators say they learned of a couple of incidents where fourth and fifth grade boys accessed pornographic websites at the school, once using a school district computer in the building and another time using a personal iPod on the playground.

They say as soon as they learned of it, they began to investigate. They also sent an email letter alerting parents, saying "our technology department is helping us establish the scope of the problem and put in place measures to provide the benefit of the Internet in a safe setting."

"The first thing we did is of course, blocked the site and contacted our firewall provider and we are working with our staff to refresh them on strategies for making sure that they are vigilant," said Julie Worthen, director of communication, Glen Ellyn School District 41.

School administrators say they contacted parents of the students they believe were involved or who may have come in contact with the activity. They say they have disciplined the students.

Most parents we spoke with say they believe the district has acted appropriately.

"I thought they handled it well. These things happen, it is life. And just as parents, all we can do is ask for the administrators to be on top of it," said Mike McGrath, parent.

"Got to it right away, they e-mailed us as soon as they figured out it was going on and took appropriate consequences," said Luella Baab, parent.

Administrators say the school's computers have content filters on them and to their knowledge, this is the first time a student has gotten around the filters. They are now re-examining them.

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