'Geese whisperer' helps guide family across interstate

If your commute home from work Tuesday night was delayed a family of geese may be to blame. (WLS)
May 6, 2014 8:17:14 PM PDT
If your commute home from work Tuesday night was delayed a family of geese may be to blame.

PHOTOS: Family of geese cross I80/94

They tied up traffic on I-80/94 but were safely re-routed thanks to Indiana State Police officers.

Those five baby geese and their two parents made their way off the westbound lanes of the interstate at a break in the noise barrier, but not before snarling traffic and getting a police escort.

Monday night this family of geese, the babies tucked underneath mom's wing are enjoying some peace and quiet after their two hour trek along the interstate.

"They would stop. They'd go. They'd wander all over the place. They'd stop and realize the whole pack's leaving. So they'd hurry up and get back in,' said Indiana State Police Trooper Jason Madison.

Trooper Madison was the first to arrive in the westbound lanes of I-80/94 near Calumet around 3:30 Monday afternoon, where the two adult geese and their five goslings had caused a major traffic backup.

"It was a very happy little family, just walking along the highway. And everybody I think was in shock themselves when they looked over," said Donna Siebert.

With the help of Trooper Madison and others, the family of seven crossed all five lanes of traffic, from the inner to the outer shoulder.

As they continued westbound, a Minuteman truck had their back.

"It wasn't just the geese. We had to make sure the cars didn't run into them or get distracted. So the more help the better it was out there, that's for sure," Madison said.

With their tiny legs, the family of seven waddled at least two miles before coming upon a break in the noise barrier, troopers guiding them off the expressway.

"My sergeant is now calling me the 'geese whisperer' for saving the family of geese," Madison said.

You may wonder why state police didn't just scoop up the geese. Trooper Madison says they were afraid that would've caused the geese to scatter into traffic. Other than the backup, there were no crashes or incidents reported.

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