Chicago DJs join fight against violence

Radio personalities hope if they come together, Chicago?s communities will, too, and end the violence. (WLS)
May 8, 2014 10:00:00 PM PDT
'Put the Guns Down', a new violence prevention initiative in Chicago, kicked off Friday with DJs from across the city.

"If radio stations and the city can come together, you can, too" Frankie Robinson, Power 92 personality, said.

Not only will radio stations open and close each program with "put the guns down," but will also air anti-gun public service announcements and host anti-violence discussions. It's part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new anti-violence initiative.

"We do policing, we do prevention, we do penalties. We also need parenting. We're going to add a fifth "p" today- pop culture," Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

"This is just not the end of what we need to do. Still some communities need to take their blocks back," Annette Holt, who lost her son, Blair, to gun violence, said.

Father Michael Pfleger said another change is needed- that of the big record labels and the message in the music.

"They say this is what the young people want to listen to. That's garbage. This is the appetite you've developed. You developed this appetite. Change the appetite," Pfleger said.

Recording artist Willie Taylor, a member P-Diddy's group Day 26, agrees.

"There's a lot things can bring to life other than gun violence. So, me, I'm just one artist. But I am taking a stand to say enough is enough."

WGCI radio personality Tony Scoffield said parents must parent.

"You've got to have strong parents in the household. The radio and TV can't raise your children. You have to," Scoffield said.

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