Jacobs High School students may not walk at graduation after senior prank

Some Jacobs High School students may not get to walk at graduation this year after a senior prank. (WLS)
May 9, 2014 4:03:55 PM PDT
A long-standing high school tradition: the senior prank.

This year, the teens at Jacobs High School decided to create an indoor Slip-N-Slide using a tarp, water, oil and soap.

Students were sliding across the hallway yesterday near the senior lockers, but everything halted as an administrator tried to put an end to the prank.

"Everyone was cheering, chanting, singing the school song and stuff and having fun," said Matt Johnson, a student.

School officials said the prank was so disruptive they had to put the school on lockdown, keep all the students in classrooms and out of the way in order to get it cleaned up.

Algonquin police even showed up after the "shelter in place" status was called out.

No one was seriously injured, but District 300 officials said they warned seniors not to take it too far.

Now, a handful of students may not be a able to walk across the stage during the graduation ceremony next Saturday.

Some seniors said that punishment is too harsh.

"It's really harsh, it's kind of a rite of passage for high school to walk in your graduation," said Pat Bartman, a senior at Jacobs High School. "There were some people that were not even involved in the actual sliding that are not gonna get to walk."

"The school's primary concern is always the safety of its students," school officials said in a statement. "It was entirely possible to hold a senior prank that was fun and celebratory without being so dangerous to those walking down the hallway."

School officials said that there is no risk of any student involved not getting a diploma, and that no official decision has been made as to whether or not the students will walk at the graduation ceremony.

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