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Monday, Feb 20
It's all Host Chat! Radio personalities Roe Conn, J Niice, Angi Taylor along with comedian Russ Williamson are here to help us out. Plus "Pillow Talk" and a new winner in our "Know The Show To Go" game for a trip to Los Angeles to see "Wheel of Fortune."

Tues, Feb 21
WGCI's Leon Rogers is back with us and see what happens when Leon and Ryan head to a nail salon. Plus, young scientists wow us with their experiments.

Wed, Feb 22

Dr. Kevin Leman is back. He's showing us how to have a better sex life by Friday. From Broadway In Chicago, "The Illusionists" perform and we are back "In The Kitchen" with another home cook.

Thurs, Feb 23
We have Oscars predictions from mentalist Sidney Friedman. FranklyHANK reviews two new productions in Chicago, "The Illusionists" and "Uncle Vanya." Plus check out a new workout called Spenga. And meet our latest 4-Star Chicagoan, a 9-year-old who creates "Blessing Bags" for the homeless.

Fri, Feb 24
Today is the day. We spend the day with our Peapod's Next Best contestants talking about their products and their dreams of becoming a food entrepreneur. We also reveal the top six finalists. Who will move on and be one step closer to a distribution deal from Peapod? Tune in.
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