Limited release gold coins on sale in Rosemont

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The Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont is rolling in the dough these days. (WLS)

The Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont is rolling in the dough these days, and that's because $100 million worth of coins and cash are on display there.

Money draws crowds, and that's what happened here in Rosemont overnight. They came by the hundreds from across the country to wait in line to spend good money to buy what they hope is even better money. It's what happens at the "World's Fair of Money."

"(What time did you get in line?) About 10:30 last night. (Why?) Because we wanted to be first in line to be able to get this coin that's being released here," said Nick Yadgarod, visitor from Los Angeles.

It's the just minted John F. Kennedy gold 50-cent piece, the same as the 1964 Kennedy half dollar, except this is gold.

"How much are you going to spend on this coin? $1,240. ($1,240? For a 50-cent piece?) Right," said Patrick Estes, rare coin collector.

"It'll be beautiful to own and to pass down through future generations," said Hugh Plunkett, coin enthusiast.

But this gold rush is not just for collectors. It's also for those who buy and sell almost immediately, like four young people from L.A.

"For the saddle of four coins, they're going to pay us $20,000 for the set," said Yadgarod.

After a 12-hour wait they are finally admitted, but only one coin per person. Over the next five days, at four different locations across the U.S. and online, 40,000 of these will be sold- and then that's it.

"I think it is absolutely beautiful," said Yadgarod.

Just one more gold coin to show you, the first one ever struck in the United States in 1787. And it has something to do with George Washington.

"The man who struck the coin, Ephraim Brasher, lived next to George Washington at 1 Cherry Street. George Washington's address was 3 Cherry Street. The coin is worth arguably $8-12 million dollars. (Is it for sale?) No," said Adam Crum, vice president, Monaco Rare Coins.

The convention runs through Saturday at the Stephens Convention Center. There's gold in them thar coins.
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