Family, victims of Chicago shootings applaud Obama's actions on gun control

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Victims and families of victims say they are very happy and very pleased with the president?s announcement. (WLS)

When President Barack Obama announced a series of executive actions to tighten gun control on Tuesday morning, he referenced his hometown of Chicago. As he wiped away tears after speaking of the first-graders shot and killed in the Newtown Sandy Hook massacre he said, "And by the way, it happens on the streets of Chicago every day."

St. Sabina pastor Fr. Michael Pfleger is one of Chicago's most outspoken gun control advocates in the city, and he also works with victims and families of victims who say they are very happy and very pleased with the president's announcement.

The scar shows where the bullet entered one shooting victim's body, still lodged in his chest after he was shot three weeks ago. This victim does not want his identity revealed.

"As I drove off the guys just got to shooting up the car. They shot my car like eight times," the victim says. Ironically, he works in the community to combat gun violence.

Pam Bosley plans to celebrate her son Terrell's 28th birthday Tuesday. But she'll have to do it at the cemetery because 10 years ago in April he was shot and killed outside the church where he played in the band. Since that time Pam has worked tirelessly for gun control.

"Terrell was good, he was doing the right things. Unfortunately, I'm heading out to the cemetery," Bosley says. "My goal is to fight until I die to change these laws, to save lives and save other children so they won't end up like Terrell at the cemetery."

Ondelee Perteet is able to walk on his own down stairs at the church now, six years after being shot in a dispute at a party that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He was inches away from being killed, but believes he survived for a reason.

"There are too many guns on the street," Perteet says, "And they are extremely easy to get ahold of."

Bosley says she was thrilled with President Obama's announcement on increased gun control measures this morning. She and Fr. Pfleger plan to be part of a town hall meeting on gun control Thursday in Virginia.

"This love affair with guns in America is crazy," says Fr. Pfleger. "When do we stop? When do we say that it's embarrassing as a country that so many people are being taken out?"

Perteet's shooter was only 15 years old and is serving a 20 year sentence. No one has ever been convicted in the shooting of Terrell Bosley.

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