CTA prepares for weekend temperature plunge

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The snow may be melting, but we know this mild weather won't last. (WLS)

The snow may be melting, but we know this mild weather won't last - many Chicago residents rely on public transportation and when it feels like 20 below zero, you don't want to be standing outside waiting for long.

Temperatures will begin to dip Saturday night, and by Sunday morning, the actual temperature is expected to be below zero - we could face wind chills of -20. Some snow could also begin to fall Friday during the later evening commute.

It'll be a big shock to the system after a few days of these nice mild temperatures.

"It's Chicago, it's Illinois, it's not a big deal you just have to bundle up, if you're in, stay in, if you are out, get in," said Winsome Williams, a resident.

Friday afternoon CTA officials assured passengers that cold conditions will not slow their trains down.

"We traditionally prepare days in advance and hours beforehand, we lay down the de-icing, ensuring we won't have problems with the third rail, any icing," said Tom Dietrich, CTA.

They said they are ready for what's to come.

"Part of this set-up allows us to lay a coat of de-icing paste on the third rail to prevent future build-up. It gives us 45 minutes to an hour of ice-free build up time," Dietrich said.

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