State's Attorney candidates debate at faith-based community forum

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The candidates for State's Attorney spent their Martin Luther King Day at at Community Renewal Society forum. (WLS)

Chicago's faith-based Community Renewal Society is demanding the Cook County State's Attorney's office hire outside lawyers to investigate police shootings. They issued their demand Monday at the CRS Forum.

"I'm not afraid to charge police officers. I've done it and I will continue to do it," Alvarez told the crowd attending the meeting.

When the State's Attorney questioned the need for a special prosecutor to investigate police-involved shootings, the huge audience representing 80 Chicago churches, responded with prayer.

"State's Attorney Alvarez, we are all praying for you," they said. "That God transforms your heart and bends your mind towards justice."

During the forum, over 1,000 Community Renewal Society members applauded answers that agreed with their positions.

"I am fully in support of a special prosecutor in police-involved shootings," said Kim Fox, to applause.

"There has to be a conflict, a legal conflict between the sitting State's Attorney in order to take the case away. So it's not as easy as people think it is," Alvarez said.

Alvarez left the church in a hurry. Handlers explained she was running late to her next appointment:

"I think she has an issue with her record and doesn't want to stand before the media and defend it," Foxx said.

The CRS also prayed for candidate Donna More when she disagreed the same issue, but she took it in stride.

"Anybody that prays for me every day I'm good with," More said.

More wants to form a special unit within the State's Attorney's office to investigate police shootings. No need, she says, for outside help.

"I think we have some very fine prosecutors, and with the right direction and the right reporting chain, I think we can do police shootings," More said.

So far, all three Democratic primary candidates in the State's Attorney race are attending the forums.

Whether or not there will be any formal debates is still in the planning stage according to a spokeswoman for candidate Kim Foxx.

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