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Bucktown attempted armed robbery caught on tape

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A large knife was used in an attempted armed robbery in a Bucktown alley in the 1700-block of North Wolcott, surveillance video shows. (WLS)

A large knife was used in an attempted armed robbery in a Bucktown alley in the 1700-block of North Wolcott, surveillance video shows.

It appears the perpetrators may have been driving up and down alleys in the Bucktown neighborhood looking for an opportunity. They found one when a woman, a nanny, had just arrived home and her garage door was still up.

The victim had just pulled into the garage after running some errands when home surveillance cameras show a silver car drive by in the alley behind her. As seen on the footage, a man jumps out of the vehicle and surprises her from behind with a large knife.

The crime occurred in broad daylight at 1:30 p.m. on a Saturday. As she screamed, the nanny fought her attacker off as he attempted to take her purse. After a minute of struggle the robber ran off, dropping his knife in the alley. He quickly grabs it before getting back in his getaway car.

"The video tells a very chilling story about how brazen these criminals are in this neighborhood," says Steven Jensen president of the Bucktown Community Organization.

Jensen, who has lived in the neighborhood since 1979, says there has been an uptick in crime recently.

"We have everything from residential burglaries, strong arm robberies on the street, people being held up with guns, car breaks-ins, it runs the gamut," he says.

Jensen believes Bucktown is appealing to criminals because they can make a fast getaway by jumping on the highway. Jensen also says the alleys are vacant in the winter because of the cold weather. He says if there were more cops patrolling the streets, Bucktown would not be considered a good opportunity for criminals.

But others disagree and feel this West Side neighborhood is relatively safe.

"It's a big city, things happen," says Bucktown resident Noah Goldman. "There are a lot more problems in different neighborhoods, bigger problems, so it's just part of the deal with living in a big city."

While last weekend's attempted alley robbery was caught on home security cameras, the getaway car was too far down the alley for the cameras to capture a license plate. The Bucktown Community Organization is hoping there may more home surveillance video available that shows a closer shot of the car. They are asking that residents who have cameras in that alley check their footage to see if they may have captured anything.
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