Presidential candidates stump in Iowa ahead of Caucus

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Record voter turnout is expected for the Monday night Iowa Caucus. (WLS)

Pancakes and lots of talk about caucusing was on the menu Sunday at the Waveland Cafe in Booneville, Iowa - one day ahead of the Iowa Caucus.

"I never caucused before but I think this is probably the year that I need to," said Jay Coon, of Grimes, Iowa.

Experts are expecting record turnout in the state's nearly 1,700 precincts in 99 counties.

"I think people really want to get their voices heard and let the candidates know what they're thinking," said Fran Fleck, of West Des Moines, Iowa.

As the first in the nation presidential test, Iowans are wooed by the most candidates.

"I had a 20 minutes conversation with Jeb Bush at a Casey store," said Terry Greenley, of Sigourney, Iowa.

"If you haven't gotten a chance to go out and touch your candidate, it's your own fault," said Fran Fleck, of West Des Moines, Iowa.

And Iowans will see and hear from candidates in a way most Americans will not.

"It really encourages that retail politicking where you have candidates meet with Iowans one on one in different venues across the state," said Jeff Morgan, of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.

And thousands of outsiders have arrived in Iowa to cajole voters to attend one of nearly 1,700 caucuses Monday night.

Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia was in Iowa stumping for Bernie Sanders.

"You just don't run in and vote and run out, man, you got to stick around. Two hours? Yes, at least two hours. It could be longer in some precincts," Garcia said.

And with all the excitement this year, lifelong Iowans like 36-year-old Levi Rosol, will attend a caucus for the first time.

"Maybe an age thing and getting to point of wanting to have an impact or at least have an opinion versus standing back on the side and sitting there and not doing anything," Rosol said.

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