Workers claim they are unpaid after company closes

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Falcon Express in Markham ceased operation on Friday. (WLS)

Falcon Express Inc. in the south suburbs went out of business suddenly last week and now outraged workers say they are owed three weeks of pay.

Workers at the delivery and transportation company in Markham were told on Friday that the company would be cease operations at the close of business.

"No checks, no job, goodbye," one of the workers said Tuesday.

Former employees are in shock.

Garrett Robinson said he didn't see it coming even when he was sent home without his paycheck.

"One of the dispatchers told me you're not getting your check today," Robinson said. "I said, 'Oh, we're getting it tomorrow?' He said, 'You're not getting it at all and don't come in to work Monday because Falcon has closed down."

One former employee said the owner is filing for bankruptcy and unable to pay the company's 63 employees their owed three weeks salary.

Attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful on Tuesday.

"I understand things happen in a business but give these people their money," said Izell Walker, former Falcon Express employee. "We're working for free and we have family, we have bills. How are we supposed to do this? "

A new transportation company has already started operating out of Falcon Express' location and has hired about 20 former Falcon employees.

Still, people who have worked at Falcon for years said they want some kind of explanation as to why things ended abruptly.

"You could have at least taken a moment to say, 'OK, we're having hard times. This will be the last week we work and thank you for your service.' That would have been fine with me," said former employee David Edwards.

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