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Fitness Friday: Shadow boxing, Krav Maga

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This week is about having fun and blowing off steam. (WLS)

Statistics show only 8 percent of people who set goals for the new year stick to them. If you've fallen off track, ABC7 will help you get back on.

One of the most popular promises people make to themselves in the new year is to eat well and get fit. For the month of February, ABC7 will bring viewers "Fitness Fridays" to learn more about nutrition and exercise trends.

Last week, we showed you ways to eat healthy and build muscle to lose fat. This week, it's all about having fun and blowing off steam.

ESPN has called boxing the toughest sport of all. It's inspiring a wave of fitness classes.

Equinox is a trend setter. Every season, they come out with a new class that gym-goers flock to. For the start of 2016? It's called The Cut.

"There's no sparring. There's actually no contact at all. It's just shadow boxing using light hand weights," Tonya Dugger, group fitness manager at Lincoln Park Equinox.

That's how some of the pros train. We kicked things off with a few drills.

Okay, a lot of drills and I was winded about ten minutes in, but you can see why people are drawn to throwing punches and jabs.

"I feel like it makes them feel like they are kind of empowered. They definitely are empowered. They have confidence. They're kind of unleashing their inner fighter," Dugger said.

Take it from me, it's a fight to finish this class. But see that? I'm still smiling.

Let's say you like the idea of boxing or martial arts, but you want something that's a little more hands-on. Well, we have another option for you. One that is way outside the boxing ring.

Krav Maga is an Israeli combat system that was created for the military and police.

"It is very effective. Krav Maga, we strike vital areas. Vital tissue areas. Mostly throat, eyes and groin," said Tony Cianflone, owner of Krav Maga Force.

Cianflone is a Chicago police officer who trains other cops in the technique. He warms you up, stresses you out and teaches you to hit hard.

The coaching culminates in an attack. You're distracted and someone closes in. You use what you've learned to fight back.

I was in a world of hurt after that class. It was a great workout.

But, as Tonya from Equinox said, throwing punches is also empowering. It felt good to know that if I need to, I can hit.

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