Wild wedding stories: Mystery bride accused of unpaid debts

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The I-Team started looking into these wild wedding stories and found more allegations of unpaid debts.

An ABC7 I-Team Investigation
We usually tell you about consumers who are complaining about businesses, but in this case, there are two vendors accusing a bride of not paying them in full. The I-Team started looking into these "wild wedding stories" and found more allegations of unpaid debts.

"I closed my shop for three days," says Dallas baker Nikki Jackson. "I traveled to Chicago to do her wedding, to make her Crimson and Cream dream come true."

Jackson says a bride's dream was her nightmare. Jackson claims Patricia Fields owes her $4,500 for catering dinner and dessert at Patricia's most recent wedding in the north suburbs of Chicago.

Now, Jackson wants revenge. Jackson says anger prompted her to post images from the wedding and bounced checks to the tune of a hit Rhianna song.

"And in the end she would not pay me and then she wouldn't just own it. Just own it," she says.

Dallas makeup artist Bridgett Washington says a $450 check from Fields also bounced. She says the bride still owes her $860 from the same wedding.

"She had a really good excuse right then and there. It was always something that pulled on the heartstrings," Washington says.

And it's not just vendors accusing her of wrongdoing.

"Definitely a lot of financial stress and emotional stress all the way around," says Lamar Sparks.

Sparks says he met "Patricia Miller" in 2013. He says she claimed to be a lawyer who could help him with his divorce from his wife.

"By her getting all my information and social security number, that's how she was able to open up all them accounts in my name," Sparks says.

Sparks filed a police report in Waukegan and signed a credit card fraud statement, claiming that "Patricia Miller" put several thousands of dollars in charges in his name. He's since declared bankruptcy.

"She even presented me documents of her being a lawyer at Boeing enterprise," he says.

That allegation is also made by one of Patricia's ex-husbands, Kelvin Parks. Annulment documents show that Parks wanted out of the marriage because he says she misrepresented herself, saying she held high-paying positions.
He showed the I-Team what he says Patricia told him was a "job offer" letter to Patricia for "chief legal counsel" for Boeing. But the I-Team confirmed that it's fake and she's not a registered attorney in Illinois.

Patricia Fields lives in a five-bedroom home in Libertyville. She refused our requests for an interview. Her attorney didn't comment on any allegations specifically, only saying, "We will be happy to address any of them in a proper and appropriate forum, which is only a court of law."

A man on the property identified himself as her personal assistant.

"You are making things worse for her. There's ways things can be worse for you guys, too," he said.

She's already making things worse for the baker. Fields is suing her for $75,000 and claiming defamation over those posted videos.

The lawsuit says that the catering bill was paid in full, that Jackson charged for items which had already been paid and accuses Jackson of adding on undiscussed charges. Fields also says Jackson cashed those checks after agreeing to hold on to them, until the dispute could be resolved, after the honeymoon.

"No I do not [regret not being paid in full up front], and the reason I say I do not regret it because I would not have been able to get other people's story told," Jackson says.

The I-Team also found one of the bride's former divorce attorneys who says he hasn't yet been paid. A court order was filed, ruling she owed him $2,500. And there was a 1999 warrant out for her arrest in Florida for a bounced check, but authorities there say the case was dropped because they couldn't find her.

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