Pillow Talk: Cheating again?

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Monday's question comes from Lisa in south suburban Burbank. (WLS)

Monday's question comes from "Lisa" in Burbank, Illinois. She writes:

"My husband cheated on me about 12 years ago during a trip he took. I eventually forgave him, but recently I was using his phone in front of him and he got nervous and wanted me to give it back. I got suspicious and proceeded to keep looking at it. When I opened Facebook all of sudden he snatched the phone from me. After a huge argument, I got the phone back and saw that he recently looked up the girl he had cheated on me with. I didn't see any messages between them and he later admitted to looking her up only to see how her life was going. Is this considered cheating or am over reacting in questioning this?"

Val, Ryan, Ji and Roe weigh in on whether Lisa's husband was cheating or not.

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