Security officer honored for bravery after stabbing

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Officer Ed Morrison was honored at the offices of the private security firm that employs him while off-duty. (WLS)

Officer Ed Morrison was honored at the offices of the private security firm that employs him while off-duty. Despite being stabbed repeatedly, Morrison continued to stand guard and protect others until help arrived.

Officer Morrison sustained injured wounds on his head and body that required 30 stitches and staples.

"Like my department keeps telling me, you can't freeze up in a situation like that. You've got to live. You've got to keep fighting and survive and prevail," Morrison says.

The 22-year-old police officer for Indiana University Northwest in Gary was stabbed in the face, ear, arm and shoulder around 1 am. Monday while working a side job as a security guard at a city of Chiacgo impound lot at 103rd and Doty.

"It's either fight or flight. That's what I was taught at the academy. That's what the department teaches me. I couldn't fight off the attacker. He was 275 pounds, around there. It's was time to flight. My thing was to get away," he says.

Morrison declined to offer details about the incident. His alleged attacker, 38-year-old Heriance Turman, has been charged with attempted first degree murder.

The private security firm hired to protect the lot says video shows the alleged attacker approaching Morrison in his vehicle.

"At that time, Officer Morrison rolled his window down to speak to the subject. And at that time, without any provocation - there was no words exchanged, no struggle - the offender began viciously attacking Officer Morrison with a razor," says Tom Scully, director of Fidei Group.

Unable to grab for his gun, Morrison sped away and raced to an office area where at least five people were working. There he stood guard despite his injuries until police arrived.

"It's going to make me a better officer, and I'm going to use it to be a better officer," says Morrison of the experience and the honor.

He's going to take some time off to recover but says he can't wait to resume his duties.
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