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PILLOW TALK: Boyfriend or Brother?

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Today?s question comes from ''Susan J. Bee'' (not her real name) in Niles, IL. (WLS)

Today's question comes from "Susan J. Bee" (not her real name) in Niles, IL.

She writes:

"Please help! I believe I am attracted to a co-worker of mine and I believe he may be in love with me. Unfortunately, I am afraid to get involved with him. I am not very experienced in the whole relationship/love-making thing and am worried that he won't like me anymore once he finds this out. I have been let-down in relationships in the past so I am afraid to be let down again. He seems like such a sweet, kind, caring person, handsome too. I have expressed that I think of him 'like a brother,' but do I really? Should I continue to keep-up this cat & mouse charade or go for it?"

Val, Ji, Roe and special guest co-host Brian Babylon give their advice on how "Susan" should handle this.

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