Comedian Zach Anner inspires others to reach for the stars

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Zach Anner is a comedian, a TV host, has a popular YouTube page and - by the way - also has Cerebral palsy. (WLS)

Zach Anner is a comedian, a TV host, an author, has a popular YouTube page and - by the way - he also has Cerebral palsy.

He has taken his shortcomings and turned them into humor. He believes you can do anything. He proves it by taking on different physical challenges in his web series, "Work Out Wednesday," encouraging people to get out and do things - and love themselves for who they are.

Zach dreamed as a kid to be on TV. His disability didn't derail him. It taught him to take on life and laugh at himself to make others laugh with him, not at him.

He tried out for Oprah Winfrey's "Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star" by submitting a video of himself. Not only did he make it on the show, he won! For one season, Zach had a travel show called "Rollin' with Zach" on the OWN Network. He also did a show called "Have a Little Faith" on Soulpancake, actor Rainn Wilson's channel.

Zach also has his own YouTube page, where he posts videos on everything from his "Workout Wednesday" series to talks about dating and whatever else comes into his mind!

He makes people laugh, but his message is to love yourself the way you are - warts and all. He wrote a book called "If at Birth You Don't Succeed," which chronicles his life journey to this point, with humor and honesty.

To find out more about Zach, check out his website and follow him on Twitter @zachanner.

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