Officers find lost, hungry kids wandering Walgreens aisles on Easter

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Officers buy food for wandering kids (WLS)

Officers called to a drugstore for wandering kids found two boys Easter evening who hadn't been fed all day.

Walgreens customers bought drinks for the two little boys they found wandering the street by themselves, KRQE-TV reports.

"Can you tell if he was drunk or anything?" one officer asks a customer.

"Oh yeah," the customer responds.

A woman says a man at a nearby bus stop might be the guy who should have been watching them.

As officers try to figure out what's going on, the kids say they haven't eaten all day. It's 6 p.m.

"Are you hungry? Do you guys want a Happy Meal or something?" one officer asks.

A sergeant leaves to grab some hamburgers across the street.

"You guys want to play with army guys?" another officer asks.

"Oh yeah, we like army guys," one boy says.

While that officer keeps them entertained, a third cop tracks down the man.

"He's saying he doesn't know anything about these kids," the officer says after talking to a man.

But that's allegedly not true. Police say Jeramy Leuvano is the cousin of the boys' mom and was supposed to be watching them.

Police locate Mom at a nearby apartment complex. She gives a confusing story on why the kids were with Leuvano, police say. In the end, police call the boys' grandmother to pick them up.

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