Nicole Pearl Solves Our Biggest Beauty Problems!

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Nicole Pearl is back with beauty tips! (WLS)

Chicagoan Nicole Pearl, founder of, scoured the country to solve our biggest beauty problems.

Do you have one of these beauty problems? Take a look below to see how you can solve it!

Do you have cellulite?
Check out the only FDA approved treatment called Cellfina. It's a one-time treatment that is FDA cleared to last up to two years, the longest FDA approval of any cellulite treatment.

Do you have greasy skin?
The Biore Baking Soda Scrub rids dirts, sunblock and sweat. It's a powder, rather than a liquid, so it's perfect for summer travel. You'll see an instantly smoother, softer texture and visibly tighter pores after just one use.

Do you have sweat cleavage?
The new Play It Cool bras from Warner's/Olga will solve this problem! The cups are made with a CHILL FX lining and moisture-wicking technology so you'll have a much more comfortable commute to work.

Do you have sun damage?
There's a new cream that not only protects your face, neck and chest with SPF 30, but it also repairs the signs of aging like discoloration, dullness and wrinkles. As we transition to lower neck lines and tanks in the summer, this RoC Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Chest, Neck & Face Cream with SPF 30 is perfect for an everyday moisturizer.

Do you get ingrown hairs and redness after hair removal?
There is an all-in-one gel lotion called Shaveworks The Cool Fix that fights ingrown hairs, razor burn irritation, redness and everyday common hair removal woes from head to toe.

Do you have the "sweater effect?"
Have you stopped going to the gym? Don't worry! It Cosmetics You Sculpted Universal Contouring Palette for Face and Body is a makeup palette that launched this month. It provides a combination of shades and highlighters that you can use to "chisel" your face and body.

To learn more about these products visit Nicole Pearl's website at

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