Thieves target Neiman Marcus on Magnificent Mile

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A group of four individuals targeted the store in the 700 Block of North Michigan Avenue at about 11 a.m. Thursday. (WLS)

A team of thieves stole several pieces of merchandise Thursday from the Neiman Marcus store along the city's Magnificent Mile, police said.

A group of four individuals are believed to have targeted the store in the 700 Block of North Michigan Avenue at about 11 a.m., leaving police and other customers shaking their heads at the daring grab-and-go.

"It's just incredible to me that people would do that in broad daylight and not expect to get caught," said Gail Sanders Luckman, a Neiman Marcus customer.

The men, with their armfuls of loot, fled in a white vehicle northbound on Michigan Avenue, police said.

"I can't believe anybody would do it. But you know what, with everything going on today, there's lots of things going on that I can't believe. So it's kind of too bad. It's a sad thing," said Kathy Goldberg, who was shopping at Neiman Marcus on Thursday.

This isn't the first time this jewel of the Mag Mile has been targeted by brazen bandits. In December 2014, several thieves crashed a van into the store, causing extensive damage. Designer handbags were also the target.

"I think it's a crime against all of us because it drives prices up for everyone else, all the other consumers, and it also makes people afraid," said Gigi Gamauf Gavron, who shops at Neiman Marcus.

No one is custody. Officials have not disclosed the value of the stolen merchandise.

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