franklyHANK: DWTS, Adele & 'The Godfather'

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A new champ is crowned on Dancing With the Stars and Adele signs a new record deal. (WLS)

"Dancing With the Stars"

A new champ is crowned and was this really a surprise to anyone? Nyle Dimarco and Peta Mergatroid took home the Season 22 Mirror Ball trophy. As you probably know by now, Nyle is completely deaf and could not hear the music he was dancing to. His feat is quite an accomplishment and well deserved. Former Chicagoan and GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee came in third place. Check out Nyle and Peta's post-show interview below.

Adele's New Deal

Hello! Adele just signed a new record deal that is record-breaking. Sony is reportedly paying the artist $130 million.. This makes Adele the highest paid music artist since Whitney Houston's $100 million deal with Arista back in 2001. Specifics on the deal have not been reported, but rumor has it (get it?) that she signed the deal back in December. The new deal takes Adele from the small indy label XL Recordings to Sony's much bigger Columbia records. Of course, Adele is having huge success with her latest album, "25," selling 18 million copies worldwide and combined with her first two albums, "19" and "21," she's sold more than 50 million albums.

Adele comes to Chicago's United Center for three sold-out shows starting July 10. Until then, enjoy her latest video for "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)."

The Perfect Gift for "The Godfather" Fan

Francis Ford Coppola is giving fans of "The Godfather" an early Christmas gift. The legendary director will publish "The Godfather Notebook," a reproduction of the working notebook he used during the making of the Oscar-winning 1972 film. The book is said to be 720 pages filled with handwritten notes and his thoughts on the film. The book will also contain rare and never-before-seen photos. Two versions will be available: a deluxe version for $250 and a standard version for $50. "The Godfather Notebook" hits store shelves November 15th. Now that's an offer you can't refuse.

See Coppola talk about his original notebook in the clip below.

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