3 arrested after North Avenue Beach fight

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Friday's fight at North Avenue Beach comes days after a massive Memorial Day brawl at the beach. (WLS)

Three people were arrested Friday afternoon after a fight broke out at North Avenue Beach in the Gold Coast, officials said.

After the incident, which came days after a massive Memorial Day brawl at the beach, Chicago police will be adding additional plainclothes and uniformed officers to all Chicago beaches beginning this weekend, said CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

The two adults and one juvenile had not been charged Friday evening.

Four people - three teens and an adult - were transported to local hospitals in fair to good condition, police said. A 19-year-old man was beat up and taken away on a stretcher with a bloodied face. A minor was also taken away in handcuffs. There were also reports of people who were ill.

Police said the fight involved intoxicated people, but have not released further details. Witnesses at the beach said there were several fights along the beach, as well as prevalent drinking.

"I just saw, like, people instantly grabbing each other and fighting and it was insane to the point where guys were pushing me and were like 'let's go fight this next person,' it was insane," said Mariela Majewski, who witnessed the fight.

Majewski said she didn't know who started the fight. "I just ran up to it because I wanted to see it," she said.

"We just saw people punching each other and getting on people's shoulders," said Lauren Miskel, of Naperville.

The situation seemed to have been exacerbated by the consumption of alcohol and drugs with impunity.

"I just think it's like irresponsible and some of them getting out of hand too much, to the point where people can't even enjoy their day anymore," said Callie Stone, witness.

"I think the police are focusing are, like, not focusing on the right thing to be honest, because they were getting mad at us for playing music but then they'd see people drinking and smoking, they wouldn't do anything about it," said another beachgoer.

Much of the crowd has dispersed since 3:30 p.m. North Avenue Beach remained open, unlike on Memorial Day when the beach closed.

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