Ga. man charged after confessing at church to stepson's murder

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A stepfather in George confessed to murdering his stepson Sunday. (WLS)

A man in Cherokee County, Ga. has been charged with his stepson's murder after confessing to a police officer at a church Sunday afternoon.

Police say Carl Lewis murdered 19-year-old Bryce McCallum inside a home in the 500 block of Mirramont Place.

Lewis left the house and found a police officer who was working at Woodstock 1st Baptist Church and confessed, police said.

Police found McCallum dead in a chair. They arrested Lewis and charged him with murder.

Close friend Chris Kandra said McCallum was scared of his stepfather, who he calls CJ. Kandra said McCallum got into a fight with CJ. three days ago after CJ. punched his little brother in the face.

"Bryce wasn't having that so he stuck up for his blood brother like anybody should," Kandra said.

"Bryce basically told the mom that he wanted the stepdad gone so she kicked him out and from my knowledge he came back and he was blaming Bryce for everything," said McCallum's friend Ian Barnett.

When the mom wasn't home Sunday afternoon, her son was killed in her house.

"I think she's gonna be taking this harder than any of us," said Barnett.

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