Woman rescues 11-year-old boy, man from Lake Michigan rip current

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A former lifeguard was in the right place at the right time along Lake Michigan. She rescued a boy and his stepfather from a rip tide near Muskegon. (WLS)

A woman jumped into Lake Michigan to save an 11-year-old boy and his stepfather who were caught in a rip tide. The dramatic water rescue was caught on camera.

Sherri Talcott told WZZM she was walking on Perre Marquette Beach near Muskegon, Mich., when she noticed two people struggling in the rough water.

Talcott, a former lifeguard, put on a life jacket, grabbed another life jacket and dove in to help.

Jont Muni, a man she had stopped to talk to on the beach, recorded the whole thing.

After Talcott reached the pair, a boater pulled up to help and emergency crews arrived.

"The little boy was treading water really well. I was just focusing on holding the dad up. He was in shock at that point," Talcott said.

Both the boy and his stepfather are expected to be OK.

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