Wrigley Field sod gives fans a piece of the Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs offered fans sod from Wrigley Field on Thursday morning as they put down a new playing field. (WLS)

The Cubs offered fans sod from Wrigley Field on Thursday morning as they put down a new playing field.

The freshly removed sod from the field disappeared in about three hours. Many of those who took a piece say they are going to keep it as a keepsake as part of this year's remarkable season.

Like in years past, 18-inch-squares of the old Wrigley Field sod were stacked up in the Toyota Prius lot on Waveland Avenue and were free for anyone to take on a first come, first serve basis.

Lakeview residents Matt and Jameson Fumagalli loaded up some much turf in their wagon, a wheel buckled. The father and son plan to plant the sod in their backyard so they can play baseball on the same grass as the Cubbies do.

Davette Ross, who lives in Uptown, just wanted to share in the excitement.

"I heard about it on the news in my PJs eating cereal and I dropped everything and ran down here," said Ross.

Grounds crews began re-sodding the ballpark yesterday before the end of the team's regular season.

The giveaway comes as the first place Cubs prepare for a playoff run.

Linda Odegard missed her chance last year to get a piece of the season.

"It's history. It's where these guys played. Arrieta, Rizzo, and Bryant. Wrigley Field is such a special place," Odegard.

While many simply collected the swatches of hallowed ground to give away to family and friends, Chris Smola made several trips to take nearly two dozen pieces of sod to his home a few blocks away.

Smola, a hospitality worker and diehard Cubs fan, says the giveaway is great timing. He says he just ripped up his lawn, but can now transform his backyard into a bit of a Cubs shrine.

Neighbors were able to start taking the sod home beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday.

The team also reminded fans that the sod may not be suitable for all environments. People should check with a lawncare professional to see if it will work on their property or to see how they can adapt the sod to do so.

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