Family of elderly man shot, robbed watering lawn speaks out; reward at $10K

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The family of the 71-year-old man shot and robbed while watering his lawn addressed the community, demanding change and the arrest of the culprits. (WLS)

Federico LaGuardia, 71, is back at home to recover 10 days after being shot and robbed while watering his lawn in Marquette Park, and his family is speaking out.

"After this trauma, my once open-hearted father told me he will now have to be suspicious of every person who passes by," said Frederick LaGuardia, the victim's son.

"I'm supposed to talk about what a good person my father is in order to garner your sympathy. I don't want to. I think the headliked '71-year-old man shot and robbed while watering lawn' should be enough," Frederick said.

Surrounded by a family of supporters, the emotional Frederick spoke just a day after his father left the hospital to recover. He was shot and robbed by two men while watering the lawn of his Marquette Park home.

"We cannot continue to sit behind closed doors and ignore what is going on outside," said Loisteen walker, neighbor.

The Sept. 6 attack on the senior citizen was recorded by a neighbor's home security camera. There are pleas for the neighborhood's help in bringing the men responsible for the crime to justice.

"This is not about snitching. Our community has been torn apart; this is about stitching it back together," said Rami Nashashib, Inner City Muslim Action Network.

The reward for information leading to an arrest of the suspects is now $10,000 and continues to grow. Community activists Andrew Holmes had a message for those possibly harboring the attackers.

"You know that's your son. You know that's your nephew. And to the community, don't make this about the dollar 'cause it's not about the dollar. It's about a human life," Holmes said.

But for Federico's family, it's also about bringing change to the neighborhood that can only come from within the community.

"People need to go outside for a walk, unafraid. This community needs to stretch its legs. People need to stand up," Frederick said.

The family said Federico's physical recovery is coming along, but it may take some time to recover psychologically. Investigators are asking the public to review the surveillance footage and come forward with any information. No one is currently in custody.

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