franklyHANK: Kim K, Amanda Knox and Taylor Swift

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We are traveling around the world for franklyHANK.

First up, Paris!

Police are still looking suspects in Kim Kardashian's hotel robbery in the City of Lights in which thieves got away with $10 million in jewelry. Police now believe it may have been an inside job and someone on Kardashian's security detail could be to blame.

The thieves not only knew Kardashian would be alone, but they also knew she was upstairs and in which bedroom. Kardashian's stylist was staying in a downstairs bedroom and the thieves were unaware she was there. The stylist called Kardashian's bodyguard and then police.

Kardashian's nightmare may not be over. Now there is worry that the thieves could access personal information on the two mobile phones they stole. Sources say intimate photos and/or videos, all of Kim's celebrity and VIP contacts are at stake and she and husband, Kanye West, could be extorted over the private info.

We'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, Kanye West is slated to perform in Chicago on Friday and his tour promoter, LiveNation, says he plans to keep that date.

Now, off to Italy.

2007. Perugia, Italy. A young American woman named Amanda Knox is studying abroad. She meets an Italian man, Raffaele Solecito, and for five days they have a torrid love affair. Then Knox returns to her Italian apartment one day only to discover that her roommate, Meredith Kercher, has been brutally murdered. Knox and her lover are accused of the crime. The story makes international headlines and is the subject of the newest NETFLIX documentary, "Amanda Knox." (hyperlink: We get an inside from Knox herself as to what was going through her mind during the days, weeks and years her ordeal went on. In addition to Knox, we also hear from Solecito, the prosecutor in the case, a journalist who covered the story from beginning to end and DNA experts who explain why not everything is what it seems. It's an excellent doc and worth your time for sure. It's streaming now on NETFLIX. Check out the trailer below.

Finally, we are back in the U.S.!

Details on Taylor Swift's new gig have emerged. Swift has struck a multi-year, multi-faceted deal with AT&T and DIRECTV for performances and content. Swift will perform the day before the Super Bowl in Houston at a 64,000-square-foot venue that AT&T is building just for this concert! Fans will have the opportunity to win tickets through AT&T promotions. No word on whether new music will be performed!

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