Widows of late sports commentators reflect on Cubs in the World Series

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For Dutchie Caray and Pat Brickhouse the Cubs making it to the World Series is bittersweet. (WLS)

For Dutchie Caray and Pat Brickhouse, the Cubs making it to the World Series is bittersweet.

The widows of late commentators Harry Caray and Jack Brickhouse weighed in on the championship chase that both women wish their late husbands were alive to enjoy.

Between Caray and Brickhouse, they broadcast more than 50 years' worth of Cubs coverage. Pat and Dutchie said they are firmly in believe that their late husbands are looking down from heaven both cheering and smiling.

Walking through the restaurant named for her late husband is a trip down memory lane for Dutchie. Harry Caray has been gone for 18 years but his popularity is as strong as ever, especially now as the Cubs play in the games he and the fans waited much of their lives for.

"He was waiting a long time for this to happen and it never happened on his watch but he knew it was gonna happen," Caray said.

In fact, he predicted it during a broadcast during the final game of the 1985 season.

"Sure as God made green apples, someday, the Cubs are going to be in the World Series," he said.

While it never happened during his career, his prediction has finally come true. And fans have placed green apples on his headstone at the cemetery along with other mementos like a newspaper, a 'W' flag and of course cans of Budweiser.
Dutchie said she and Harry never really talked about baseball at home. In fact she said he was pretty quiet away from the ballpark.

"He just read all the time and I did all the work," she said.

Before Caray, Brickhouse was the voice of the Cubs for 40 years. He had the chance to broadcast five World Series games in his career but never for the Cubs.

"Did he have any regrets? He said yep. He never got to broadcast a Cubs World Series," Pat said.

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