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On Thursday, High-Hat Second Line band joined us to kick off our big New Orleans trip giveaway. (WLS)

On Thursday, High-Hat Second Line band joined us to kick off our big New Orleans trip giveaway. They are a traditional New Orleans second line band, playing weddings, events, and even funerals. We chatted with the band's leader, Pete Nocito.

WCL: Are any of the guys in the band from New Orleans?
Pete Nocito: None. Most are from the Midwest. I'm from Philly. Been here since 2005. We all have a shared love of New Orleans music. We were established in 2015 to be the house band for a bar called the High Hat Club, hence High-Hat Second Line Band. When the bar closed, we decided to all keep going.

WCL: What has the reception been like in Chicago to High-hat Second Line?

Pete Nocito: People often ask us what parish [Louisiana's version of counties] we are from? I say Lincoln Square. We just all respect the tradition of New Orleans and we play the very best we can. People keep telling us we play authentically like the musicians do in New Orleans and we do that because we really enjoy the music. Chicagoans really enjoy the music too. There are wealth of brass bands in the Midwest. We're all friendly to one another. There is not an island of brass bands in the Chicago area, there is a continent of brass bands.

WCL: How do you describe your music?

Pete Nocito: The best way to describe our music is traditional jazz, but often when you think of Jazz you think of Louis Armstrong. But that's dated, 1920's. Brass music and jazz music has evolved. It's Mardi Gras music. We want people to dance and have fun. We provide the soundtrack for you to cut loose.
Gustavo Cortinas
Mike Hogg
Pete Nocito
Jon Rarick

Airan Wright

Friday, May 25: Nick's Beer Garden, Wicker Park
Thursday, July 12 : Summers In The Square, Lincoln Square

For upcoming concert dates, please visit: https://www.highhatsecondline.com
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