Walking, chewing gum might help weight loss, study says

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Researchers studied 46 men and women in Japan who chewed gum while walking. (WLS)

A new study shows that chomping down on gum could increase your heart rate, especially for men, and lead to weight loss.

Physical exercise gets the heart rate up. You sweat and burn calories as your body uses more energy. What could burn a little more? Chewing gum.

Researchers studied 46 men and women in Japan who were 21 to 69 years old. They each had a BMI between 22 and 30, so they were all somewhat overweight. All were gum chewers.

They tested two groups, one which walked 15 minutes while chewing a couple of pieces of gum, and the other who drank the same ingredients mixed in water while walking 15 minutes, just in case there was something in the gum ingredients that would affect the results.

Their heart and walking speed were measured to calculate the amount of energy expended.

Men over the age of 40 had the best response to this combo, burning about two additional calories for every minute they walked. Women, oddly, did not have a significant response.

This was a small study so, don't go buying boxes of gum just yet.

But the walk certainly won't hurt you.

Some health experts also say chewing gum can be a good substitute for snacking.

The key is to buy sugar-free gum.

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