California wildfires affecting Long Grove student trip

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The fallout from the southern California wildfires is reaching northwest suburban Long Grove. (WLS)

The fallout from the southern California wildfires is reaching northwest suburban Long Grove.

Students from Woodlawn Middle School are scheduled to compete in a science competition in San Diego County.

Those fires have not affected flights in and out of San Diego's airport tonight. Those students from Long Grove have been told their competition will go on as scheduled, despite being near the fire zone.

Thursday night, eighth graders were preparing for a trip to San Diego that suddenly has new meaning.

"I'm just really concerned for the people who are living there because it must be really tragic to lose your home all in one day," said student Allison Chen.

These students from Woodlawn Middle School in Long Grove are competing in a national robotics competition at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, a community now surrounded by multiple wildfires.

"We went to have lunch, and there were people in the restaurant that have lost their homes due to the fact that they burned down, other people coming in full of ash, and other people coming in because they were evacuated," said mother Monika Reuter.

"I'm just praying that everyone will find a new home and be safe," said student Rachel McCoy.

As images of the fires flashed on O'Hare television sets, arriving San Diego passengers spoke of the situation back home.

"It literally came within five minutes of our house," said San Diego area resident Bobbi Warren. "We all got emails from the fire department saying get ready. You might have to evacuate."

"I have a friend who when she went to go home yesterday from work to get some things, they wouldn't let her in," Robin Seigle said.

As for the girls from Long Grove, the wildfires, for now, have not canceled their competition.

"We just hope it's there, but if not the main concern is the people there and hope they're safe," student Anisha Rao said.

That science competition goes through the weekend. LEGOLAND, where it's being held, had to close Wednesday, not directly because of the fires, but because of power outages in the area, but it did re-open Thursday.
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