Dueling protests in Federal and Daley Plaza over Iraq airstrikes

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Two rallies converged on Federal Plaza Friday to address U.S. airstrikes in Iraq. (WLS)

People protesting against any kind of military action in Iraq held a press conference in Federal Plaza Friday evening, while earlier in the afternoon hundreds gathered in Daley Plaza to support the military airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Hundreds of Chicago's Assyrian Christians rallied on Daley Plaza, calling this a "Demand for Action"

"We were very positive and optimistic last night and this morning when we heard the news, but we need more," said Linda George of Assyrians Without Borders. "We need Obama to give us back our safe haven."

Those walking through the Loop with this group say air strikes are not enough.

"Now the international organization, they should stop ISIS because they are as criminal as Nazis and fascism," said Bishop Paulus Benjamin of the Assyrian Church of the Eastern US

"They need to go and send troops and help our people," said Maraiza Khaya of the Assyrian Sports Association. "they need to save our people. ISIS are very dangerous.

US Senator Mark Kirk agrees that the air strikes will have little impact. He hopes to get a clearer picture of the President's objective in Iraq.

"A vote by the congress is absolutely essential to defining the mission and making sure the American people are behind the mission," Kirk said.

US Senator Dick Durbin offered his reaction to the airstrikes.

"I still have concerns about it," Durbin said. "I understand the president's motivations, I don't quarrel with what he's concluded, but I think it is very obvious to all of us that Iraq is, sadly, descending into chaos. "

It is currently the middle of the night in Iraq and we're likely to hear more about the impact of the airstrikes after daybreak there, and we will surely hear more opinions about our actions there in the days to come.
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