Human bones found in Wis. haunted house

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Haunted houses are supposed to be scary. But one in Wisconsin comes with real life skeletons. (WPVI)

Haunted houses are supposed to be scary.

But, something truly unsettling was found at one in Wisconsin, WFRV-TV reports.

"This right here is where you enter into the hallway and Catacombs room," said Miranda Schutt, social media coordinator. "And then we have the full skeleton here. Upon closer look we realized those are not fake bones."

Two real human skeletons joined Halloween goers as they walked through a room lined with fake skulls.

"When we pulled the caskets out of storage that's when we realized there were skeletons in there," Schutt said.

The two 19th century coffins were donated years ago.

"We don't really know the era of the casket. We are guessing it's maybe from the 1900s, but we do know," one worker said.

And until this season, the caskets had been tucked away in the haunted house storage. That was until this year's remodel of the main haunt near Green Bay prompted Terror on the Fox staff to open up the vintage caskets for the first time.

"They are definitely medical skeletons, I mean, one skeleton is totally intact," Schutt said.
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