Sherri Papini's husband shares chilling details about wife's kidnapping

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ABC's 20/20 has an exclusive interview with the husband of a kidnapped California mom who was missing for three weeks.

ABC's 20/20 has an exclusive interview with the husband of a kidnapped California mom who was missing for three weeks.

Sherri Papini disappeared while jogging, was held captive, then turned up on the side of a road. Her husband, Keith Papini, is revealing what he went through his mind during his wife's 22-day captivity.

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The husband of a woman abducted while jogging and held for weeks before being left by the side of the road badly injured is speaking out exclusively to ABC News.

"I just thought of her being there screaming my name," he said.

He described to 20/20 his wife Sherri's helter-skelter release.

Keith Papini: She was uh, bound. She had a metal, I mean a chain around her waist - that is correct. She had a bag over her head. Her left hand was in the vehicle chained to something.

Matt Gutman: To make sure she didn't jump out of the car.

Keith Papini: She was chained anytime she was in the vehicle. They opened the door - she doesn't know because they had a bag over her head. They had cut something to free her restraint that was holding her into the vehicle and then kind of pushed her out of the vehicle. And she has at this point no idea where she is at and then ran to the freeway.

But motorists kept whizzing past her.

Keith Papini She screamed so much, she's coughing up blood from the screaming trying to get somebody to stop. And again just another sign of how my wife is, she's so wonderful. She's saying well maybe people aren't stopping because I have a chain that looks like I broke out of prison so she tried to tuck in her chain under her clothes, I mean.

The Shasta County sheriff's office released new details about Sherri's alleged abductors, described as two Hispanic women armed with a hand gun. One of them had curly hair, thick accent and pierced ears, he said.

"Suspect no. 2 was the older of the two suspects. She had straight, black hair with some greying color," Sheriff Tom Bosenko said.

But the big questions still remain: Where was she held? What was the motive?.And, was she specifically targeted or was this a random act?

"You cut their hair. You beat them. You're really talking about behavior of what a cult or an extremist group would use to break somebody down," said Brad Garrett, former FBI agent.
In a written statement Tuesday to "Good Morning America," he also addressed social media chatter doubting his wife's story of abduction and assault.

"Rumors, assumptions, lies, and hate have been both exhausting and disgusting," he wrote.

The sheriff has said the case is puzzling for a number of reasons, including motive. He said no ransom demand was made and the Papinis are of modest means.

Bosenko told the AP on Monday that investigators have no reason to doubt the harrowing tale told by Sherri Papini.

Keith Papini said his wife weighed just 87 pounds and the bridge of her nose was broken when she was tossed from a vehicle along the interstate with her hands restrained and a bag over her head.

Bosenko said Sherri Papini was unable to recall any details about her abduction when first questioned soon after being found.

He said victims of traumatic experiences sometimes suffer from memory loss regarding the events.

You can hear more from Keith Papini in that 20/20 exclusive Friday night at 9 p.m. on ABC7.

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