After sneaker taunt, 10-year-old motivational speaker has message for kids

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10-year-old Nyeeam Hudson of New Jersey is never one to shy away from a teachable moment. (Courtesy: Nyeaam Hudson/ PR Media/Instagram) (WPVI)

Nyeeam Hudson, 10, of New Jersey is never one to shy away from a teachable moment.

Of course, he's the one usually doing the teaching.

After all, this boy is known as the youngest motivational speaker and was nominated for "Entrepreneur of the Year."

So when Nyeeam's choice of footwear - his FILA sneakers - became the topic of conversation for another kid at a park, the young motivator did not let that ruin his day, or his spirit to record to a video.

"My dad and I were at our local park, you know, just hitting the ball and bat, having our fun time. Well, there was a kid in the park making fun about my FILAs, which of course I ignored. But when I got into the car I reflected back on some of the things he said and that's when I made the video," Nyeeam told Philadelphia's 6abc Action News Tuesday.

"It wasn't that his comments offended me; I just knew that situation inspired me to share why it is important to not put value on material things," he said.

Nyeeam knew there was a lesson he had to tell and knew he had the audience to hear it.

You see, this youngster has more than 53,000 followers on Instagram. And, reminder, he's 10.

So after the FILAs incident, Nyeeam opened up to his thousands and thousands of followers about what's really important in life.

In the one-minute Instagram video, Nyeeam said:

I just came from the park and this kid was teasing me because I had FILAs on. Now, mind you, I am not a material person. I just wear FILAs because I like the color and I think they are cool. They might not be what's popular today, but that's what I like. So I told the kid, it's not about what I have on my feet, it's about what I have inside my head. No matter what I'm wearing, no matter what I have on, it's about my information, the knowledgeable things in life. These sneakers are not even going to fit you in 20 years from now. So it's about what you have in your mind. Your wisdom. Your knowledge. The power to inspire others. And parents, please don't raise your children like the materialistic type cause once they don't have Jordans on or cool clothes, they are going to feel like they are not important. They are going to feel like they need the gold or the Jordans or the cool stuff, the popular stuff, to make them feel important.

Nyeeam tells 6abc he hopes this video teaches kids everywhere that they shouldn't listen to what others say about them, their clothes, or anything else.

"As long as you are comfortable with yourself, respect yourself and others, then you can always keep smiling," Nyeeam said.

His words not only reached his Instagram followers, but also FILA itself.

In a statement to 6abc Tuesday night, FILA said:

We couldn't be more pleased as a brand to have this young evangelist include FILA in any conversation when he speaks his mind about sneakers, the importance of independent thinking and most importantly, at a time when bullies seem to be winning everywhere we look, standing up for yourself with words of wisdom, not violence and vitriol.

The Essex County native credits the FP YouthOutCry Foundation / The H.U.B.B. Community Empowerment Center in Newark for helping him craft his public speaking skills.

One moment that took place at the H.U.B.B. made him realize his words have real meaning.

In October 2014, Nyeeam was speaking to other youth and community residents about the violence in their city.

"Well, just as I began to speak, my words of peace, love and anti-violence were instantly changed into reality. The sound of bullets echoed throughout the center - everyone was so frightened! A young man was gunned down right outside of the center. My dad instantly captured that moment - everyone's emotion and reaction, including mine," Nyeeam recalled.

After that, Nyeeam wanted to make sure his message reached as many people as possible.

On social media, where his Facebook views total over 2-million, Nyeeam goes by the name of King Nahh. He is, however, not using that alias in a self-aggrandizing manner. It is, in fact, another way he's trying to motivate his generation.

While the 10-year-old is adept at posting on the internet, he's also taking his words of wisdom to the old-world means of communication - books. His first is called "We Are All Kings."

"We Are All Kings! - Yes! It is true - We are! The world needs to see our potential and value; we must show the world our greatness! What is a King? 'A boy or man who is highly respected and very successful or popular.' The crown is a symbol that reflects nobility and honor. I have written and created an impressive book 'We Are All Kings' to share my message with every young male in the world - to believe in themselves as kings of greatness. What better way than to wear the crown of a king?" Nyeeam said.

He has a second book "We Are All Queens Too!" for young girls and another one for adults.

Nyeeam and his family have set up a GoFundMe Page to help with his goal of a school tour.

"Support and funding will help launch the 'King Nahh School Tour' across the country. I plan to deliver and express words of encouragement by reading to other students while making new friends across the globe, and most importantly - crown each of them - We Are All Kings!" Nyeeam said. "My GoFundMe campaign is doing great. I am so very grateful to everyone for their contributions."

The young entrepreneur has already traveled to many places around the world with his father including Dubai, Tanzania, and Monterrey, Mexico last summer, meeting, speaking, and learning from children his age.

He said he simply wants to give back and pay it forward to the kids in the U.S. what he's learned in his travels.

"This book tour is so important because my father and I ventured the world, and an important lesson I have learned is the power of positive thinking can and will make dreams become reality," Nyeeam said.

This past March, the Nehemiah Davis Foundation in Philadelphia nominated Nyeeam for their 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award.

"It was an awesome experience! I met so many great people; made new friends. It was truly an honor and I appreciate the nomination and award," Nyeeam said.

As for the kid who made fun of Nyeeam's sneakers, the 10-year-old motivator says he hasn't heard back from him since he posted the video.

"No, I have not heard from my new-found inspiration; he was another kid in the park trying to have some fun," Nyeeam said.

Nyeeam, meanwhile, continues to share a different kind of fun with children and parents around the world.
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