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A fashion bracelet that charges your phone? (WLS)

A fashion bracelet that charges your phone? How about one card that can act as any of your credit cards?

Shopping and lifestyle expert Trae Bodge shows off the hottest gadgets and gizmos for women.

One of those is Coin, a secure device that consolidates all of your debit, credit gift, loyalty and memberships cards- and then acts as each of them when you go to make a purchase. Information tied to your cards is loaded and stored on the one card and you just press a button pick a card then swipe it. It works anywhere a magnetic stripe is accepted, according to the website.

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OKRAY is a Micro USB 2.0 charging cable designed with open-faced ends so that they can clip together and turn into bracelets. The cables come in several different cable colors.

Pryme Vessylis a high tech cup that lets you know if you're hydrated. Taking a number of factors into account, like height, weight and even location, it tracks your need for hydration through an app synced with your phone. It can be used with popular fitness apps like Jawbone UP and Healthkit.

Brush your teeth in style with the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Amethyst Edition toothbrush. Charge the brush from a chic charging glass or on-the-go in with the USB charging case. This magical device will give you whiter teeth in just one week and improves gum health in two!

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