PHOTOS: Niagara Falls freezing, blankets surrounding area with ice

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Tourists are flocking to Niagara Falls despite bone-chilling temperatures.

The lure of Niagara Falls becomes even more magical and mystical as the mist itself coats everything it touches with an icy glean.

The visitors to the falls braved 13-below temperatures in the morning Monday, warming up to one degree above zero by the afternoon with windchills ranging from -14 to -25 degrees.

Visitors from warmer climates also flocked to the falls to see part of one of the wonders of the world frozen over.

A few weeks ago, a Canadian man made history by becoming the first person to ever climb frozen Niagara Falls. Will Gadd, 47, climbed the 180-foot frozen cliffs next to Horseshoe Falls. Fellow Canadian Sarah Hueniken followed Gadd by doing the climb hours later.

"We just noticed that these falls are creating - how do you call it? - clouds from the mist, so it's like it's wonderful. It's like nature is bigger than us when you see that," one visitor said.
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