Waste collection agency finds $25K family accidentally threw away

OBERLIN, Ohio -- Did you ever throw something away by accident?

An Ohio family tossed $25,000 into the garbage while cleaning out their grandmother's freezer, according to WEWS.

By the time the grandmother told them about the money, it was already on the way to the landfill.

The family contacted the waste collection agency, who was able to stop the truck and workers went through tons of trash to find the money.

"One team was trying to track down the driver and find out exactly what his location was and if he made it to the landfill yet," said Gary Capan, Republic Services Operations supervisor.

Operations Manager Dan Schoewe was one of the 10 workers who jumped in to search for the money and was the lucky one who spotted the bag.

"Couldn't believe it took 10 minutes and actually, I said, man it looks just like that, pulled it off, opened it up and there was the package inside with the money. They were so happy, they were tearing up," he said.

They say they were just glad to help.