Chicago for Afghans rally, demanding faster help for refugees fleeing Taliban-ruled Afghanistan

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Around a hundred people rallied before marching around Federal Plaza Sunday, calling on Americans to get more help to Afghan people after their homeland fell to the Taliban in recent days.

The protest was organized by Chicago for Afghans specifically called for changes to what they said is a slow visa process for Afghan people facing a dire situation.

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They want to see changes to programs, like the special immigrant visa program and demand that the processes be sped up.

One Afghan ABC7 spoke with said he worked as an interpreter for the U.S. military for years before immigrating to the states. He said, right now, he still has family stuck in the Helmand Province.

"You have seen my loyalty, now it's your turn to return the favor," said one rallygoer who only wanted to be identified as "Mick" for safety reasons. "It's my right and your responsibility. Please help me out to take my family out of there, such as brothers, sisters, father, mother."

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"We have been failed by the system. We are all tired, frustrated, and left hopeless. We are not alone," added Asma Yawari, an organizer for Chicago for Afghans. "We've gathered here today to pressure our senators, governors, Biden and the U.S. as a whole, to open borders for the refugees fleeing for their lives. Our families and friends back home do not want to leave, but they have no choice to leave. They have to choose between life and death."
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