Ji at 'The Rink' for ol' fashion roller skating

CHICAGO -- To combat the winter blues, Ji is looking for fun and interesting places around Chicago.

On Tuesday, Ji visited a South Side institution - The Rink - for some good ol' fashioned roller skating in the Chatham neighborhood.

The Rink is celebrating its 40th year and the folks there showed off some classic moves and taught Ji how to roller skate.

Every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. they have "Throw Back Tuesday" and "The Old School Hour" where people 30 and over come to skate old style.

One of their DJ's is Nate Simpson, who is also the rink's president and general manager, also chatted with us.

Visit the Rink website at www.therinkchicago.com.

The Rink Chicago
1122 E. 87th St., Chicago
(773) 221-2600