Fatal Kenwood stabbing caps weekend of violence in Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Violence across the city of Chicago did not slow over the weekend even after mothers called for peace on the day designated to honor them. There were at least 50 shootings and nine fatalities over Mother's Day weekend, and the trend continued as the work week began Monday.

Kimble Knox, 51, was visiting friends in Kenwood after spending Mother's Day weekend with family when he was fatally stabbed. Knox was standing on the on a back porch of an apartment complex in the 4500-block of South Drexel Boulevard around 12:30 a.m. Monday when police say a man approached on foot, tried to rob him and stabbed him in the chest before running away.

Investigators said Knox was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I wish I would have stayed with him. I would have kept him in my sight if I knew this was going to happen to my brother. I am very upset about that," Anthony Knox said.

Knox's family tells ABC7 Eyewitness News was a longtime home healthcare provider.

Saturday evening around 8 p.m., 58-year-old Andreas River was shot and killed as he sat at the kitchen table in his Archer Heights home. Police say the shots were fired from outside and a bullet pierced the front door and struck Rivera in the face.

"This past weekend the violence that we saw is completely unacceptable, but it highlights the uphill battle we face in Chicago," said Supt. Eddie Johnson at a press conference Monday morning.

While it is unclear if Rivera was targeted, Supt. Johnson says them majority of the other victims over the weekend in both fatal and non-fatal shootings and stabbings are repeat offenders with long criminal histories.

"Thirty-one, 37, 41 and 20: that's just a sample of the number of times the victims on this list had been arrested. Until we can have real truth in sentencing and hold these offenders accountable, this will be the unfortunate reality in the city of Chicago," Johnson said.

Community activist Andrew Holmes and other community members gathered Sunday with grieving mothers who have lost their children to gun violence. The group pleaded with the public to help stop gang violence.

"It shouldn't be that way. All over, gang activity, they only going on for what happened in the past. They got fathers that been through the same thing. I had my taste of being in a gang. Until I realized that the gang, didn't love me," said Michael Airhart, All Kids Matter.

Holmes said he would like to work with Supt. Johnson to combat the violence.

"We have to work with the superintendent and the police department. We have to work with Chicago. In order for this city to come together, we have to come together and show what we have and what's working. We're going to have to stop this gun violence ourselves. So we have all hands on deck," Holmes said.

Supt. Johnson began the day at a round-table discussion at the Chicago Urban League possible solutions to the violence with people in the community. He says rebuilding trust is one thing that is necessary to combat crime in Chicago. The CEO and President of the Urban League, Sherri Runner, said what is needed are jobs and that young people have the education necessary to get those jobs and do not become tempted by an underground economy.
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