Car stolen with 10-year-old boy inside in Hermosa

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago family with two children had just moved to the city's Hermosa neighborhood on Sunday. In their new home during their new morning routine, some young robbbers apparently took advantage of the situation and created unnerving moments for a boy and his parents.

It was still dark at 5:40 a.m. as 10-year-old Richard Rodriguez waited in the car as his mother brought his baby sister out of the house on North Kildare Avenue. But instead of his mother getting in a car, he said a teenager got in and started the engine.

"The girl just came running and just got into my car and I was really, like, shocked because I was like my mom doesn't drive that fast," Richard said.

"What happened, who, why. It's in front of my house; it takes him five seconds, no more my kid," said Elias Rodriguez, Richard's father.

"I was in shock and called the police," said Richard's mother, Jaqueline Martinez Rodriguez.

Richard said he tried to put his seatbelt on because the teenage girl was driving recklessly.

"They hit a car and then when they saw the other cars had stopped the girl turned around and hit another car, and when she was driving in the alley she hit a big post," he said.

Another teen got into his family's vehicle and them, a few blocks away near Palmer and Kostner, they told him to get out.

"They told me to hurry up and I just took the sweater of my little sister and my backpack, and since they saw my backpack they said, 'Have a nice school day,'" Richard said.

Alone in an alley, a stranger stepped in to help the boy.

"He called my mom and after that, that's how my parents found me," Richard said.

"Right now my kid is important, he saved my kid. Not important, my car," Elias said.

"I think this is not secure," said Jacqueline of her neighborhood.

"How come teenagers rob a car with a kid inside, that's just ridiculous," Richard agreed.

Chicago police continue to investigate, but the car has not been recovered. Richard's parents said they are not concerned about their vehicle but are concerned about their new neighborhood and whether they will stay.

Richard is grateful to the man who helped him in the alley, and said he would very much like to thank him.
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