Drive-thru rescue: Worker jumps through window to help unconscious officer

DORAL, Fla. -- A fast-food worker jumped out his drive-thru window to help an off-duty Florida police officer suffering a medical emergency.

Pedro Viloria told WPLG the Miami-Dade County officer had her two children in her car Tuesday at a McDonald's outlet. Viloria said she was struggling to breathe when he returned to the window with their breakfast.

"I see she's like inflating her neck, like trying to breathe, like, 'Ahh.' Basically I thought something was going wrong," Viloria said.

The officer became unconscious and her foot slipped off the brake.

Surveillance video shows the SUV rolling forward and Viloria jumping out his window to pull her from the vehicle.

"(I thought,) 'Oh my God, this woman is unconscious. I've got to do something, because she's going to crash, maybe,'" Viloria said.

Viloria said he went into "hero mode" and had to help her.

"In that moment, I thought, I'd rather save that woman's life," he said.

Paramedics happened to be in the restaurant and helped revive the woman, who was hospitalized.

"The real heroes are the fire rescuers," Viloria said.

Miami-Dade Police Detective Daniel Ferrin said no information about her condition was available Wednesday.

WLS-TV contributed to this report.
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