Chicago Weather: Record temps draw Chicagoans outdoors

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's starting to feel a lot like spring around Chicago and people did not wasting any time taking advantage of the record warm temperatures.

Monday afternoon, temperatures at O'Hare hit 82 degrees, topping the old record of 79 set in 1939. The last time O'Hare recorded a temperature in the 80s was on Oct. 17.

Amy Hogan took her workout outdoors and even added some miles to her run.
"It's amazing outside and I want to take advantage of it while it lasts because I know it's going to get a little cooler later and I'm excited," she said.

Bikers, runners, and dog walkers hit the pavement early Friday morning, taking in the 50 plus degree temperatures, and it's only going up from there.

"It's amazing. I'm a runner and I've been waiting for this forever so clearly I am sweating, it's incredible," said runner Sarah Graham.

Spring officially got here on Monday, but with temperatures in the 20s and 30s earlier this week, it certainly didn't feel like it and believe it or not, some people miss the cold and snow.

"It's just a beautiful time. The sun is beautiful to but I prefer winter," said Max Kaufman.
Others are not wasting a single moment of the nice weather.

"I have three kids, so we are gonna be outside all day," said Sarah Graham.

Because we know things around here can change in a flash.

Spring was in the air at the Chicago Botanic Garden. After all, we're tired of winter, right?

"I like the snow a lot," said Willa Boilini. "It's very fun to play in."

So even though moms and babies strolled the Chicago Botanic Garden among beautiful blossoms and picturesque scenes, just ask Willa's 2-year-old brother Luke about Friday's weather.

"Play in the snow," Luke said.

The garden bustled people crisscrossing paths with everyone, or almost everyone, with one thing in mind.

"It's very nice you can go out with your family and walk around to different places and it's warm enough to do everything," said Chloe Smith.

Basically, taking full advantage.

"I went outside and just took a good deep breath, went inside, and I actually pulled out some summer clothes, which I've been waiting to do for months," said Elaine Autry.

With buds blossoming, take note.

"We do recommend you can start planting your pansies and those types of early spring flowers that are adapted to cold temperatures. This weekend will be an ideal time for those activities," said Boyce Tankersley of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

All across town, folks dined al fresco at tables, or in cars.

"I was like, it's going to be cold today...and I came down to the kitchen and my mom was like it's going to be 77. I was like it hasn't been this warm since we were in Florida on vacation," said Brittany Wisowaty.

At a business like Superdawg, the sunny and 70 means it's busy.

"Generally, I say to my wife I'll see you later tonight...I'll be here all day, all evening," said Superdawg co-owner Don Drucker.

It's a beautiful day, after all, even if it's not the first choice for Luke and Willa.

"There's no snow, but I still think it's still fun to smell and look at the flowers," Willa Boilini.

Outdoor dining won't necessarily last for the weekend, so we'll enjoy it for now.

"It's a vicious tease. I'm going to enjoy every second of it. By tomorrow, I'm going to be in the movie theater really pretending and hoping for the next day like this."

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