46-year Cubs season ticket-holder wants a repeat title

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Since 1971, the Chicago Cubs have had just 17 winning seasons -- and Carol Haddon has seen them all in the front row at the Friendly Confines.

"It's like a second home for me," she says of the more than 100-year-old ballpark.

For nearly half a century, Haddon has had two "Row 1" seats at Wrigley Field -- every game -- for better or worse.

What started as a pair of tickets going for $3.25 each has become a ritual, and regimented.

"Mary comes on Saturday, Angel comes on Sunday. Debbie and Missy come on Tuesday. It really works out so I enjoy my games with friends who enjoy baseball," Haddon lists off before adding that her husband gets the play-offs.

And now that the North Siders are on top, Haddon and her vintage Cubbie earrings are aiming even higher.

"Another championship," she proclaims.

If you're not Carol Haddon, you'll still have a blast in Wrigleyville these days. It's a giant party.

"This is definitely not normal," assesses Marcus Lyons, a peanut vendor of more than 20 years.

With an ever-growing game day atmosphere, a ballpark as legendary as this one and a team that can call itself World Series champions, you don't need any more reason to keep coming back.
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