VIDEO: Woman, restaurant owner get in altercation over $12, under-cooked fish

NEPTUNE CITY, New Jersey -- An explosive argument erupted inside a New Jersey restaurant when a customer demanded her money back, and the incident was caught on camera.

Customer Tiffany Sharhon says the owner of Soul on the River Restaurant in Neptune City flew into a rage when she complained about her order.

Sharhon claims she waited more than an hour for her food to be delivered before showing up in person. Then, she claims she got under-cooked food and demanded a refund.

"Get out of my place of business," the owner is heard yelling repeatedly. "Get the (expletive) out of my place of business."

The police responded to the scene, and Sharhon was given her $12 back.

"She sold me uncooked fish and then yells at me and doesn't give me my money back," Sharhon said in the video. "Don't shop here at all, please. She's rude as hell, and she threw food at me for now reason."

Video of the incident has been shared thousands of time online.

Soul on the River declined a request for comment, responding on Facebook that there would be no statement "without attorney approval."
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