Stars of 'Dirty Dancing' remake talk movie premiere

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Fans fell in love with Baby and Johnny back in 1987 when "Dirty Dancing" hit the big screen.

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze have been winning the hearts of generations with this classic romance set to music.

Wednesday night, you can see a new version of the story on ABC.

Janet Davies caught up with some of the cast at the "Dancing with the Stars" finale Tuesday night.

"Even as someone who's danced on Broadway this is a whole different style of dance I hadn't done before, so we were all learning a lot of stuff together," Colt Prattes, who played Johnny, said.

"I know that I had to start preparing a month or two in advance just physically preparing because he's a professional dancer but we got together a good solid month before we actually started working on the acting part, just for the dancing," Nicole Scherzinger, who played Penny, said.

"It's all the things that you love, it's the lift, it's the lines, it's all those moments that we all have, but we have little bit more time so it's an expanded story to learn more about the characters just why they are who they are," Prattes said.

You can see the new "Dirty Dancing" musical event Wednesday night on ABC 7 at 7 p.m.
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