Davis Ross talks new book, 'Dancing with the Stars'

CHICAGO (WLS) -- David Ross won Chicago's hearts on "Dancing with the Stars" beating everyone's expectations, including his own. He has only grown more lovable since retiring from baseball.

ABC 7's Janet Davies spoke one-on-one with "Grandpa Rossy" to talk about his new book and experience on "Dancing with the Stars."

Ross won with the Cubs but slid into second place on "Dancing with the Stars" with Lindsay. But "almost" is good enough for him.

"The last thing I want to do is answer all these questions about why the worst dancer won you know?" he said. "I jokingly tell people all the time I brush my teeth in the morning and I have no idea who I am, whose life I am living right now, it's been special."

Ross laughed when asked about his "Magic Mike" routine.

"That's scary that scares me when people come up and like we loved your Magic Mike routine, I'm like, 'Oh gosh, you watched that I'm sorry,'" he said.

"I love the Hollywood stuff, it had its spot, but now I'm ready to get back to baseball," he said.

Ross married high school sweetheart, Hyla, the secret to his success.

"She is definitely my number one best friend, the person I rely on, my teammate. I get credit for a lot of being a leader and this great guy in the clubhouse, she's the one I'm able to take my troubles to," he said. "I think the next book that comes out, she needs to write about this quote un quote nice guy I am."

Thousands lined up for hours at book signings for "Teammate." And then there's Grandpa Rossy Crunch Cereal he introduced at a Northside jewel grocery store on Friday.

"It's been a fun ride but again these opportunities are once in a lifetime and it was hard to turn down but again my reason for retiring what I feel is my most important job is to be dad that's where I want to get to is being a dad that's where I want to get to," he said.

Before he left the studio, Ross helped Tracy Butler deliver the weather forecast Friday morning.

David Ross helped out Tracy Butler during the weather forecast.

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David Ross won Chicago's hearts on ?Dancing with the Stars? beating everyone's expectations, including his own.

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